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And that’s a Wrap!

As this semester ends I would like reflect the effectiveness of this blog as well as the tools given to me that have helped. I really enjoyed making this blog! What really helped me launch this were the widgets I used to connect to my twitter and also update what recipes I was using each week.  Although widgets and social media links were effective I felt like the tools use to automatically update to my social media wasn’t as effective. Since my blog was connected to my twitter, it would become frustrating that I would not be able to edit my updates as I publish my posts. What I would love to include in my blog would be more videos in order to help visual learners. I feel like this experience benefited me because I’ve become use to updating everyday blog posts which would come in handy in the future when I apply for jobs that seek individuals with the same skills. WordPress will be useful tool in the future when I work for large companies that seek workers that have the skills that I have acquired using this blog.

Using my stats connected to my WordPress I account I noticed that my most popular week was September 14th-20th. The most likely reason for that is most of my friends on social media were surprised at the idea of me creating a cooking blog which fascinated my followers into wanting to see what I post. I received 15 views and 11 visitors that week which is the most of any week. Using these stats I also noticed my most popular post was the “Salmon for The Soul” which received over 8 views which pleasantly surprised me because Salmon is my absolute favorite thing to cook! This post was probably my most popular because it was my cooking post which like I said most of my friends were anticipating to read since they wanted to know how I cook.

This experience has really made me grow as a person. Using the stats on wordpress, made me keep in track the amount of individuals who would read my bog which made me want to post more cooking recipes. Using my social media tools and stats I noticed that I gained more followers than ever after posting my first cooking recipe and promoting it on twitter. Overall I really enjoyed making this blog. Having learned all these skills have made me feel prepared for my future profession as well as my outlook on social media.

IMG_1975image2 (1)FullSizeRender (1)IMG_1830salmon 8

Baked Chicken Review!

I wanna do something a bit different with this post. A few days ago I saw a video on how to make baked chicken, smothered with ranch, wrapped in bacon and it dawned on me that maybe I should cook something I have never made and review the results. This post will be dedicated to that! Don’t worry we’re still gonna learn something along the way but it’ll be a new experience for me and you. By the end of this post you and I will master the art of Baked Chicken.

Lets gather the materials first. We’re gonna need a few things! First we’ll need some chicken breast, I used chicken thighs instead since it’s cheaper since we’re still on that college budget. We’re also gonna need some pepper jack cheese($3), Apple Wood Bacon($4), and a bottle of ranch($2). Be aware that prices do vary per item however Apple Wood Bacon is my favorite but a bit pricey. Much of what we’re cooking here can be used on any occasion ranging from potlucks, to just fun barbecues with family and friends.

IMG_1979IMG_1977IMG_1974IMG_1978 (1)IMG_1975

  1. Gather Your materials. Like I said all we need is uncooked chicken, ranch, bacon, and pepper jack cheese.
  2. You’re gonna season the chicken with salt and pepper.
  3. Once that’s done you’re gonna dip the chicken in ranch.
  4. You’re going to wrap the chicken in bacon.
  5. Each chicken is gonna be placed on the dish.
  6. Once that’s done you’re gonna sprinkle shredded pepper jack cheese.
  7. As you’re doing that be sure you’re preheating the over to 400 degrees.
  8. Put the dish in the oven for 40 minutes.
  9. After that take it out and enjoy!

I found this recipe to be pretty simple at first but I realized it’s really difficult to wrap the chicken in bacon when it’s soaked in ranch. Also it was difficult using chicken thighs when there’s excess amount of fat on it. Be sure to cut the amount of fat unless you buy whole chicken breast which is much more pricey. Using pepper jack cheese is optional! You can use any cheese you want. I love pepper jack cheese cause it gives the dish more flavor. Overall though this recipe is pretty good! I loved how easy and filling it is. This dish is perfect for family and friends gatherings.

I hope this post served as a guiding resource for you, on your way to perfect your cooking! Be sure to follow me on twitter to get any updates on cooking recepies.


Spaghetti for the Squad.

On the last post we went south of the border and made some tacos. Now for this post we are going to take a trip to Italy and make some good spaghetti! However since spaghetti is such a big meal, this post will be designed for you to cook a giant meal for four other individuals. It helps to know how to cook a big meal in such a cheap way, especially if you wanna plan a date or nice dinner for your roommates. Not much is needed to make spaghetti so once we’re done here you’ll be a pro at the this Italian delicacy.

Like I said not much is needed to make spaghetti. All we need is three simple things! Spaghetti noodles, a pound a ground beef, and garlic tomato sauce. Each of these items cost under $4 so it shouldn’t be hard to find especially on  a balanced budget. Spaghetti is such a great way to fill the stomach fast! It’s packed whole grain and protein so one plate can fill you up fast. What I also love about this delicious Italian dish, is just how cheap it is to make it. Anyone can cook this dish and in the long run it will broaden your mind about how to cook other meals in the same way.

So let’s grab our apron and let’s start!

spag spag 3 spag 4 spag 5 spag 6 spag.jpg 2

spag 7 spag 8 spag 9 image1 (1) image2 (1) image3 (1)

  1. We’re gonna grab a sauce pan and lightly splash olive oil on it.
  2. You’re gonna open the meat and put it on the heating pan.
  3. Once the beef is cooked you’re gonna pour the tomato sauce on it.
  4. While that’s cooking you’re gonna get a pot of water and put it in the stove.
  5. The stove must be on medium high, once that’s done you’re gonna snap the noodle in half and put them in the water. Make the water is salted also with a mix of pepper.
  6. The ground beef should only take about 10 minutes to heat with the tomato sauce.
  7. The noodles should take about 20 mins to cook. Be sure the pot is boiling and also turn and mix the noodle every 5 minutes.
  8. Once the noodles are ready you’re gonna drain the water out of the pot and then pour the meat sauce on it and mix it in well.
  9. Once the meat sauce is mixed be sure to add various spices like salt, garlic, basil leaves, oregano, etc, to give it some extra flavor.
  10. Once that’s done all you have to do is eat and enjoy!

I love cooking spaghetti! It’s such a big meal that can cook for more than one person. There’s many benefits on how to cook spaghetti. Much of the techniques used to cook this dish can help you learn how to make other pastas. Spaghetti can really fill up some stomachs when you’re hungry and it’s so easy and cheap to make, not a thing goes to waste. Be sure to use any other things you want to add this meal to make it your own!

To learn more on how to cook spaghetti be sure to search any other site that’s needed.

Steak Tacos!

Let’s take a trip down south of the border and learn how to make some easy Tacos. Why tacos, you ask? Tacos are the favorite food down south. It’s always helpful to learn how to make a quick dinner that has an authentic twist. Tacos are easy to make and helps to know how to cook a steak taco. I feel like most college don’t know how simple it is making tacos but at the end of this post you will become  familiar on how to make some good filling tacos.

So what do you need to make steak tacos and how long does it take? It’s not that hard! All we need is a pound of marinated steak, which only cost about $4 at your local grocery mart. Once you get your steak you’re going to buy a can of refried beans which only cost less than a $1 and a pack of flour tortillas. We’re gonna have to multi task a lot if you want your tacos to be hot and tasty. It will only take about less than hour to make, so this should not take long.

Let’s begin!

IMG_2051 IMG_2052

  1. First you’re going to open your packet of marinated steak and put them on a hot pan.
  2. Once the meat is heating you’re going open your can of refried beans and put them in a hot pan and mix the beans up for about 5 to 10 minutes.
  3. You’re going to turn over the meat after 5 minutes and repeat for about 3 times until ready.
  4. As you’re cooking you’re going to be heating your flower tortillas. Be sure to flip them every 1 minute until ready.
  5. Once your food is done get your flower tortillas spread the refried beans around the tortilla.
  6. Get your steak and put it on top the beans.
  7. You can add anything you want to the tacos! Sour cream,lettuce,guacamole, etc
  8. Once you’re done all you have to do is eat!

This is a fun way to make some easy tacos! You can make them anywhere ranging from your apartment to even your residential hall. There’s enough food to save for the next day if not then maybe a few friends. Tacos are the way to any persons heart. So if you’re feeling like having a quick authentic meal, this should be for you. Be warned however that multi-tasking is needed for this if you want your tacos nice and hot.

If you need any fun nutrition facts on what we just did feel free to look any website needed. You can make these tacos anyway you want.

“Hide and Go Eat” Review.

For this post I will be doing a review of another blog with a similar topic. While I review and teach certain food recipes as part of my blog, the blog I have chosen reviews restaurants in the San Marcos, Tx area. Now how does this pertain to my blog? Well since my blog is strictly just ways on how to cook in an affordable price, why not review something of the opposite? Food is what I live for! A blog that reviews restaurants doesn’t just sound delicious, but for those who want a bit of information on the restaurants in their area.

“Hide and Go Eat” by Haley Burnett is a genius blog! It showcases many local eatery’s in the San Marcos area with a college “touch”. What I mean about that is that through her many posts of the variety restaurants she goes to she adds prices and ratings on the restaurant which could come handy for those wanting to checkout what’s around the local area. Especially for students that attend Texas State. Haley’s reviews conveys a good variety food that’s in San Marcos. What I love is that she hasn’t managed to lose her touch with every review she does.

Overall I viewed Haley’s blog as a helpful tool for those who wish to discover restaurants in the San Marcos area. I was very pleased with everything Haley did. She was detailed with the places she goes too, tries a variety of food that’s in the area, and she never goes off topic to what her main point is. Her details of certain drinks, appetizers, and entrees gives me life! My love for food is endless and I love that I can share this blog and Haley’s with many of my followers.




Frying Catfish for Life.

Lately we have been learning how to cook certain meets through pan. Well for this post we will be discussing how to cook fry fish! It’s cheap, delicious, and fast. In my opinion frying fish by scratch just taste so much better than buying it from a regular fast food joint. Most fast food joints add extra grease and fat to their food but for this I will be teaching how to cook it by yourself in a matter minutes.  Frying fish may sound complicated at first, however once we’re done here you’ll become a pro at it.

Before we begin, some of you may ask, “Why fish again?” Well I’m a bit of a seafood lover here so I do have a soft spot for anything that comes from underwater. People don’t realize how cheap it is just to cook fry fish with two easy sides for less than $10! First off a pound of catfish at your local grocery mart only cost from $5-$7. Add a bit of some simple can of sweet corn(95 cents) and a small bag of powder mashed potatoes(87 cents), and you have yourself a mean big meal.

Let’s begin!

IMG_1884 IMG_1885 FullSizeRender (1)

  • First of you’re going to grab your catfish and cut in half. A pound of catfish is big! So unless you plan feeding more than 2 people you can save half of it for another time.
  • Cut the half pound fish into 3 equal slices.
  • Once you’ve done that you’re going yo grab your fry catfish baggie(only less than a $1) and pour it into a large Ziploc bag.
  • You’re going to put the fish into the Ziploc bag and shake it until it hits every side of the fish.
  • As you’re doing that be sure you have a separate boiling pot of water for your potatoes and corn.
  •  You’re going to place the fish in the frying pan and turn it over every 3 minutes until it’s golden.
  • For the potatoes, you’re going to follow the instructions and put the powder in the boiling water when it’s off the stove. Be sure to mix!
  • The corn will be ready in only less than 7 minutes. Feel free to add butter or any seasoning you like to it.
  • Once those are done you grab a plate and put each item into the plate  and enjoy!

What we just did is make a fry catfish meal in under 30 minutes with more fish to spare for later. What I love about cooking fry catfish is that it’s a bit more tastier when it’s made by you! It’s awesome we created a meal that would cost $7 at a fast food joint in only less than $10 with more food to spare and cook for later. Frying fish is great when you just want a nice tasty meal by yourself. With a college budget you can so much for so little! And with a pound of fish you can make more for others.

I hope you enjoyed this post! Cat fish is the way to my heart! And if you wanna any nutrition facts about catfish feel free to use any websites you want.


Steaking it Out

A few days ago I posted a simple recipe on how to cook a Salmon. For this post we will learn how to cook a strip of steak. Much of what we learned from cooking the salmon will be used for cooking the steak. You can use many methods on cooking the steak such as oven, or grill. Since I wanna gear this for inexperienced college cookers, we’re gonna use a simple pan. Using a pan is very helpful especially for those who have never cooked a steak.

Before we begin we must discuss how cheap it is on how to cook a steak compared to getting a normal $15 steak at a restaurant. Steaks range from $5-$7 at a local grocery store. I know that may sound pricey however depending on the specials the store has, it actually might be cheaper. We will also have two sides! Both will be mashed potatoes from a small bag and a side salad. The mashed potatoes should about 75 cents or less. The salad should be around $2(prices may vary).

So let’s begin!

  • You will first off need to coat the steak with olive oil.
  • Once you coat the steak make sure to spread seasoning on both sides of the steak. I personally like mine with lemon and herb as well as oregano and garlic powder.
  • After you’re done coating it and seasoning it, you will place it on the already heated pan. The pan should be above medium.
  • You will turn over the steak for about 3 and half minutes on both sides.
  • While that is cooking, you are going to boil a small pot of water. Once it starts boiling you will take off the stove and immediately put the powder of mashed potatoes in it and stir until ready.
  • To know whether the steak is ready you cut the small middle of it to make sure it’s fully cooked and no pink is left.
  • Once that is cooked you will place the steak on a plate with the already cooked mashed potatoes on the side.
  • You will open the bag of salad and place it next to the steak and mashed potatoes. You can put any dressing of your choice on it.
  • Once all that is done then it’s ready to eat!

Displaying IMG_1830.JPG

What we just cooked has many health benefits along with it. Steak contains lots of protein, vitamin B, and iron as well. We just managed to cook what would be a $15 meal at a regular restaurant for only under 10 dollars. Its really simple to make what would sound very difficult to make, to become a healthy regular meal. We didn’t just save money but we managed to cook something very quick that could be used for two.

If you wanna check out other sites on how to cook a steak feel free to go on google and check it out! Hopefully this helped broaden your cooking skills.